Belly Dance and Exotic Dance classes by Simonne


Class Descriptions


Move to really exciting new music...a mixture of drumming, world beat with
middle eastern influence, Egyptian, Turkish and tribal!
Inspired by the ancient and sensual art of bellydance, you will perform
simple and easy to follow movements while working on body isolations,
hip and torso strengthening.
Each class will focus on undulations, standing and travelling shimmies,
camel walks, persian arms and other basic bellydance moves. Sometimes
a dance choreography will be taught.
This class continually moves giving you a moderate intensity cardio workout
plus you will discover muscles you never knew you had. The essence of this
class is isolation, precision and control!

Exotic Dancing (Cardio Erotica, StripTease Workout, etc.)

This is a classy course in how to dance sexy. Simonne
focuses on teaching in a fun non-intimidating atmosphere.
No dance experience is required!

Exotic dancing can be a graceful way to explore your sexuality,
as well as improving your overall fitness and flexibility.
It's also a lot of fun.

Each class will focus on hip movements, undulations, leg work,
floorwork and many more exotic dance moves ending with a
dance routine that will be taught throughout the series.
There is some strengthening specific to this dance form.

Wear something comfortable to class that you can move in
(like workout clothes...) and that you feel great in!
Class is taught barefoot; heels are optional.

Exotic dancing will make you feel beautiful and sexy!

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